Cheeky Murals

I've always been drawn to large-scale projects, diving into the world of mural painting after years of creating large, abstract artworks. Although I'm relatively new to the mural scene with one completed project under my belt, my enthusiasm for transforming spaces with bold colors and dynamic scenes knows no bounds.

I specialize in creating indoor murals for both commercial and residential spaces. My style is distinctively illustrative, with a hint of groovy-retro vibes. I love incorporating bright colors, fun characters, and playful scenes into my work, aiming to infuse each space with a unique and engaging atmosphere.

One of my proudest projects to date is a mural created for Chadly Glass Studio here in Portland, Oregon. Tasked with brightening their glass-blowing space, I designed a mural that mirrored the fluidity and vibrancy of glass through a trippy sunset backdrop, glass-like clouds, and the inclusion of flames and glassblowing tools within the artwork. A signature part of this design is the puffer fish in the center of the artwork - based on some of Brahim’s (the owner of Chadly Glass Studio) glass designs.

Check out Chadly Glass Studio

The Process

My approach to mural creation is collaborative and detailed, ensuring that the final product perfectly fits the intended space and vision of my clients. The process begins with a design phase, where we work together to develop the concept. From there, I move on to drawing the design, priming the surface, painting, and finally, sealing the mural to protect it against time and elements.

Ready to transform your space with a custom mural? I’d love to hear from you. Contact me via email or through the button below to discuss your ideas and get a quote. Pricing varies based on the timeline, size, and specific requirements of your project, but together, we can create something truly spectacular.