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Wholesale terms + policies

Terms, shipping, payments, etc!

Thank you for your interest in wholesale! Below are the details of our wholesale terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: We require a minimum order quantity of $25 for domestic orders and $30 for international orders. This ensures that our wholesale partners can enjoy competitive pricing while maintaining a reasonable order size.

Wholesale Discounts: While we do not offer additional discounts specifically for wholesale clients, we do provide wholesale markdowns on our products. These markdowns are designed to offer our wholesale partners competitive pricing.

Accepted Payment Methods: We accept payment via PayPal, invoice or credit card. Once you place your wholesale order, we will generate an invoice that outlines the total amount due.

Payment Terms: Invoices must be paid before shipment. We kindly request that payment is completed within the specified timeframe to avoid any delays in processing and shipping your wholesale order.

Returns and Exchanges: Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges for wholesale purchases. We encourage our wholesale partners to thoroughly review their orders before making a purchase.

Product Naming Restrictions: For our Cheeky products, we kindly ask that they are sold under their listed names. This ensures consistency and helps maintain the integrity of our brand.

Wholesale Clientele List: We proudly maintain a running list of our wholesale clientele on our website. This allows customers to view and discover shops that carry our products. It also serves as a way to promote our wholesale partners! :)

Business Requirements: We have no specific business requirements for becoming a wholesale partner. If you are interested in joining our wholesale program, simply reach out to us, provide your name, and tell us about your shop. We welcome partnerships with various types of businesses.

Shipping Methods and Costs: Shipping prices may vary slightly depending on the size and weight of your order. For domestic wholesale orders, we offer shipping through USPS Standard or Priority services. International wholesale orders are shipped via USPS parcel ground service.