About Cheeky

Heya! I’m Allison, the artist behind Cheeky Art Studio. I'm a Korean American artist based right here in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Since 2018, I've been on a mission to bring a little cheekiness and fun to the art world.

When the pandemic hit, I just wanted to do something that would put a smile on people's faces. So, I got myself an iPad and started goofing around with digital art. I made a couple cheeky drawings of various fruits and veggies with booties and the love for them just sort of exploded. I turned that project into Cheeky Art Studio and now it has grown into a whole grocery store’s worth of characters - each with their own personality that anyone can relate to.

The best part? Making people laugh during rough times. If my work can brighten someone's day or help someone dealing with anxiety or depression, well, that's a win in my book. 😄✨So, If you're into art that's as silly as it is fun, then you're in for a treat! 

Meet Tobs, my trusty sidekick & studio mascot.

This little rescue pup is always by my side, snuggled up and ready for belly rubs while I draw up all the bootylicious characters you see in my artwork. He's basically the boss of the studio and always up for some playtime.

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