More Art by Allison

I’ve created various styles of artwork in the past, explore each endeavor below :)

Pet Portraits

I spent many years painting pets from around the globe! Scroll to see some of the cuties I painted. *Commisions are closed.

Wildlife Paintings

Nature has always been a big inspiration for me. Check out these woodland creatures!

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A Galaxy Far Far Away

Yes, I am a nerd who loves Star Wars. Here’s a couple paintings of my favorite characters!

Color Create Project

An ongoing series of paintings inspired by color! Follow along at @allisonart on Instagram for more :)

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Asian American Woman

The Asian American Woman Series (AAW) is about manifesting modernity from my Korean history. Using pieces of that history to learn and make a new world!

Baroque Series

A look into the abstract world within italian-baroque style works.

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Sistine Series

This projected started as an exploration of religion and faith. and became a dive into surreal abstract worlds that deconstruct color, shape, and biblical iconography inspired greatly by the sistine chapel.

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Informed by movement and shape within lines.